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Elmsleigh House Dental Implant Clinic in Farnham is one of the leading clinics providing dental implants in Surrey and South East England with clients from Hampshire, London aand surrounding areas. Our dentists have been placing dental implant and implant retained dentures for more than 20 years. More than 500 other dentists refer their patients to us for tooth implants in our Surrey clinic.

If you’re one of the thousands of adults suffering from missing teeth, loose teeth or uncomfortable dentures we can help you move on from a situation which is frightening or distressing and give you back a smile to be proud of.

For most people dental implants offer the best long-term solution to replacing missing or loose teeth. Designed to behave just like a natural tooth, the titanium root of your implant dentures fuses with the bone in your jaw – making the implant as firm as your own teeth. Finished with a beautiful, natural looking dental crown your implant will look and feel so natural that no one need ever know you’ve lost a tooth.
Using dental implants we can stop your dentures from moving in your mouth, or completely replace your dentures with fixed teeth.

If you’re struggling with dentures which are uncomfortable or move when you eat or talk perhaps it’s time to consider denture stabilisation.

Suitable patients need just two dental implants placed in the front of their lower jaw to stabilise their denture. We can adapt your existing denture so that it securely clips into place onto these two implants or make a new denture for you.

With denture stabilisation it is really easy to remove your denture for thorough cleaning. The system we use has been designed with the older person in mind, this means it’s easy to replace your stabilised denture even if you’ve lost some of the strength in your hands.
With our immediate teeth you can be transformed from a denture wearer to a person with discrete, attractive fixed teeth in just one day. Your may have heard of All-on-four or Smile Today – we offer three systems including All-on-four – all designed to help you get on with life with fixed teeth.

Our Clinical Dental Technician will help you design a new smile, that can either be a close match to your natural teeth, or even a subtle enhancement, whatever you choose your teeth will be unique to you.

Replacing missing teeth or dentures with dental implants and fixed teeth can really boost your confidence and but it can also improve your general health and provide vital structure for your face.

Because our implant dentists have been placing tooth implants in our Surrey clinic for more than 20 years we often find they can help patients who have been turned away by other less experienced clinicians who didn’t realise they were suitable for implants. Every aspect of implant denture treatment can be carried out within our well-equipped clinic, which means less stress and inconvenience for you.
When you come to our clinic in Farnham, Surrey for a dental implant consultation you will meet the dentists from our implant team. This hour-long appointment will give you a chance to get to know us and see our clinic and it will help us understand your needs. Following this appointment we will send you a full written treatment plan, which will help you plan and budget for your treatment. Our implant treatments are covered by a warrantee, so you won’t be faced with unexpected costs from your treatment.

Once you decide to go ahead with tooth implant treatment at our clinic our reception team will help you to arrange your appointments around your busy lifestyle. Your treatment should be pain and stress free, which is why we offer you sedation as well as local anaesthetic. When you are at our clinic we will always take care to protect your dignity and you will never need to leave our clinic with visible gaps in your teeth. Your dental treatment is strictly confidential.

Our clinic in Farnham follows the highest standards for hygiene and sterilisation, you can watch our video, which explains the sterilisation process and shows you the specialised equipment we use to keep our clinic clean.

If you would like to learn more about how we could help you replace loose teeth, missing teeth or loose uncomfortable dentures with dental implants please call our reception team on 01252 713797 and book your dental implant consultation today.

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